Project 355

Well I'm trying to start blogging because I realize Noah has no record of the past two event filled years of his life and I'm hoping this forces me to take more video and photos of our family, knowing I will be needing to post about something. A popular thing among photographers is to do a Project 365 where they force themselves to take picture every day for one year. Well, since I started this ten days late, we'll be calling it Project 355. I'm going to try to post a photo or video once a day with a short recap of what we've done. Since I didn't start this until after you went to bed Noah, I can't take a picture of you but I will post a current video I took of you and Kale jumping on your trampoline. Best purchase ever!

You and Kale are the best of buddies and you do anything he does. Luckily, your cousin is super nice to you and let's you be the "baby" and get away with all your spoiled and viscious ways. We're lucky to have him around. Yesterday, you just busted up laughing out of nowhere like three times belly laughing to yourself saying "Bale Boy" which means Kale boy. You had been hanging out at Nanny's that evening and kept thinking about something silly you guys were doing. Probably your pillow fight. I'm not sure what it was, but it's cute to see you love your buddy so much.


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