Happy Birthday to Rylee and Kale

May is always a fun time of year with everything warming up and summer around the corner.  It also is special because Rylee and Kale were both born this month, which means two birthday parties for Noah.  Rylee's was the the Hogle Zoo and Noah loved it.  I didn't realize that kids three and under were free so I'll be taking him more often since he had so much fun.  His favorite animals were probably the elephants.  There was a "Daddy,"  "Mommy," and "Baby Noah" elephant that were really active.  Eating, splashing in the water and taking mud baths.  He couldn't get enough of it.  I was sort of let down by the tigers who just slept the whole time we were there.  I swear this happens every time I go to the zoo.  He also loved the turtles which surprised me because I realized how creepy turtles are when you stare at them for a long period of time.  They started to look dead to me but they yet they still were moving, it freaked me out a little.  He also got a kick out of the gorillas which, I have to admit, I really like as well.  And actually, now that I'm thinking about it, they were weirding me out a little how human they are.

Rylee was fully into her dance recital

Kale likes to pretend he's "Buddy" the hamster


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