Six months old

She is growing so fast and she could not get any cuter to her Mommy.  She started her first foods and actually did much better than Noah.  She still has no teeth and is on the verge of sitting on her own.  She drools ALL day and it's hard to keep her dry.  I switch her clothes three times a day!  She is still a very tender and sweet little girl who loves to smile and laugh.  Her favorite game is chasing Noah around the house and just today she started playing a game where every time I kissed her head she would kick and I would make a sound then she would belly laugh, this went on for a good while and it's the first time I think she's started a game.  She is getting so smart.  She loves Noah and any little kid for that matter.  She loves to cuddle and actually loves it when you kiss her.  How lucky am I?  She is doing much better on her new antibiotic and we are finally starting to get some sleep around here.  I definitely love to spoil her.  I'd rather go shopping for her than myself any day.  In fact, my favorite time of day is the five minutes of getting her ready.  She still leaves her headbands on, so for now we're good.  She has been such a fun and sweet thing to have around.  We love you!


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