The past three days...

We've started project "Big Boy." At first he didn't get the idea of peeing in the toilet. We had Kale come over for the day, knowing that Noah would copy whatever he did. Worked like a charm. I put a goldfish cracker in the toilet to serve as our target and let them "shoot" Nemo. This really got him excited about the potty and eventually produced his first pee spout. I thought the hardest part would be getting him to sit there for long periods of time. Sticker books were the solution. Noah actually cries when I try to take him off. It's been tedious, but he is catching on really quickly. He gets candy for peeping and a hot wheels toy every time he does a big boy poop in the potty. His favorite underwear is his McQueen and Buzz kind, he's not so excited about Thomas the Train. His bum looks so little in underwear and he seems so young to be sitting on the toilet but I'm hoping by starting now we can get through the worst of it before the baby comes in six weeks. And since I'll pretty much be cooped up at home for a couple months after the baby, we have constant access to the toilet for the next while. Hopefully, before summer hits, we'll be good to go.


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