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Six months old

She is growing so fast and she could not get any cuter to her Mommy.  She started her first foods and actually did much better than Noah.  She still has no teeth and is on the verge of sitting on her own.  She drools ALL day and it's hard to keep her dry.  I switch her clothes three times a day!  She is still a very tender and sweet little girl who loves to smile and laugh.  Her favorite game is chasing Noah around the house and just today she started playing a game where every time I kissed her head she would kick and I would make a sound then she would belly laugh, this went on for a good while and it's the first time I think she's started a game.  She is getting so smart.  She loves Noah and any little kid for that matter.  She loves to cuddle and actually loves it when you kiss her.  How lucky am I?  She is doing much better on her new antibiotic and we are finally starting to get some sleep around here.  I definitely love to spoil her.  I'd rather go shopping for …

Spiderman lives with me now

Noah is going through his first superhero fetish and I have my Mom to thank for that.  He actually has never even seen any show having to do with spiderman but if Kale thinks it's cool, so does Noah.  So much so, he even had to ride the alpine slides in his costume. I did make him take off the mask because I was worried it would blow away and then we'd really have a dilemma on our hands.
Slept in this for three days straight
A new habit of biting his nails

Can I just say that I love the alpine coaster
best/worst toy ever

I feel guilty even saying this, but I only let him do this on the days I know the cleaners are coming!

Happy Birthday to Rylee and Kale

May is always a fun time of year with everything warming up and summer around the corner.  It also is special because Rylee and Kale were both born this month, which means two birthday parties for Noah.  Rylee's was the the Hogle Zoo and Noah loved it.  I didn't realize that kids three and under were free so I'll be taking him more often since he had so much fun.  His favorite animals were probably the elephants.  There was a "Daddy,"  "Mommy," and "Baby Noah" elephant that were really active.  Eating, splashing in the water and taking mud baths.  He couldn't get enough of it.  I was sort of let down by the tigers who just slept the whole time we were there.  I swear this happens every time I go to the zoo.  He also loved the turtles which surprised me because I realized how creepy turtles are when you stare at them for a long period of time.  They started to look dead to me but they yet they still were moving, it freaked me out a little. …

It's been a while

First time falling asleep while playing!
First time in her johnny jumper
Graceland, Memphis, TN
She was severely allergic to something out there in MO This lasted a couple weeks, still have no idea what was the culprit

Just had to throw this picture in Grandpa McHenry's Grave Killed in WWII
We were actually able to visit him on Father's Day Bored driving to Chicago from Missouri but the kids did great! Shore of Lake Michigan Noah loved throwing rocks into the water
So my SIL is going to Jerusalem for the next couple months and I want her to be able to follow what is going on in our lives and just realized how outdated this thing is and wanted to get it current so it's time for a little update...first off, we have had a pretty busy summer.  We were spending a while in Poplar Bluff, MO while Scott was working on opening/hiring/training a waterpark out there (as well as fishing with Jason).  Luckily, my Mom agreed to come and help with the kids and be a travel buddy since Sco…