Like Father, Like Son

Noah adores his Dad. When we found out I was a pregnant with a boy, I could sense the excitement in Scott. I knew he would love to have his own son to cart around and do things with him and Scott has adjusted to being a Dad much more easily than I thought. He is like a grown kid himself, which works out well for both Noah and me. Scott includes Noah in almost all of his hobbies, and Noah loves it. It seems like he came programmed 100% boy. Every toy Scott chooses is an instant favorite, he has loved anything to do with a ball since he was little, he'll even watch an entire football game with Scott. Their latest interest includes RC planes. I wonder if my daughter will be anything like Noah. Some people say I'll be surprised how alike they are, others say it's night and day raising boys vs. girls. I have to admit, I have enjoyed having a baby boy more than I thought possible. He's brought so much energy and love into my life.


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