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Christmas 2014

I'm just going to say it-I have the best life. This has been another year filled with happy memories and healthy, loving, and fulfilling times. I know I have done nothing to deserve such a life and can only hope its always this good. My kids are everything to me and I love to have a holiday to just enjoy time with them and have fun. This year was the Brintons turn for Christmas and grandma always goes above and beyond spoiling the kids. She was smart enough to get Drew and Noah the same things and it was so sweet because they were opening them side by side and Noah sees Drew opening what is basically the dream toy of his life (A pack of lighting McQueen race cars). Just as Noah spied them out of the corner of his eye his busy hands paused and I know the thought of "oh my gosh, those are so cool. I wish I got that toy!" ran through his mind. He controllingly held his thoughts to himself and looked back down at a box that had snowman craft stickers in it and said aloud &qu…