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Isabella is two months old

With that comes a trip to the doctor's office for her first round of immunizations.  She was not a happy camper that day, but she is still just as cute as ever.  She was in the 95% for height, 90% for head circumference, and 70% for weight.  I think we have another tall baby on our hands.  She weighed 12 pounds and perfectly healthy.  She is still waking up once at night, but we're hoping in another couples weeks we go to a full nights rest.  Makes for a much more energetic Mommy.  I have to admit that getting her dressed every morning is one of my favorite things to do.  She has started really smiling when you play with her and even finds her voice sometimes.  I love it when they start to get a little personality. We love you baby girl.

                                                              Our blue-eyed baby girl

Chubby cheeks

Noah trying to entertain himself at the doctors with cars


Noah got to take a trip to Disneyland with Dad this past week courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Brinton, while the girls stayed home.  I was worried to travel with Isabella so young, so we had a nice relaxing weekend together while Noah had the time of his life.  Noah was barely 42" and was able to go on pretty much any ride he would have wanted to so it was perfect timing.  His favorites were Jumping Jellyfish, Toy Story and, of course, Mickey Mouse.  He wasn't afraid of the characters at all, which surprised us a bit.  It was the first time I think he really understood what it was to fly on a plane as was so excited to look out the window.  He LOVED swimming in the pools at the hotel and Scott said he only cried one time the entire trip, when he wanted a pack of McQueen cars that he already had at home so Scott didn't buy them.  It's fun was the kids get older to actually make all the work of doing something worth it.  I'm sure we have many more trips to Disneylan…

I love you Noah

You soak up any praise given to you and maybe one day you will want to read this and know yourself through my eyes. I'm having a hard time getting to sleep tonight and decided to check on you and make sure you were all bundled up. The thought of you being cold is one of my pet peeves. Well you were in need of some covering and as I was placing your blanket I was nearly brought to tears by the thought of what a special boy you are. I hope I am always the kind of mom you deserve. You are the sweetest little boy and I feel really blessed to have you in my life. I love every time you walk down each stair giving me a kiss thru the railing and always laugh when I "bonk" my head on the last step. I love every time I get you anything to eat or help you put your shoes on and you say "thank you." I love every time you are trying to fall asleep you have to put your arm around my neck and pull my head in next to yours and tell me to close my eyes. I love every time …