102 degree fever

Noah was sick this week. Nothing to show for it, other than just a really high fever. He wanted to just lay in my bed and watch Shrek and Nemo. At one particular point in the day he started acting kind of sad after I had given him some tylenol. I started giving him different ideas that he usually jumps at..."Do you want to take a warm bubble bath?" his response was "No." "Do you want to go downstairs and play vroom?" Again, "No." At this point, I realized how bad he must be feeling and wanted to give him a hug, so I asked "Do you want to give Mommy hugs?" For the first time ever, his answer to this question was "Yeah." He leaned over and just hugged me for a long time. It made me feel so bad that he was feeling sick, but the upside was finding out that what he wanted to feel better was a hug from me. It's weird being parent and realizing your kids depend on you in so many ways and you feel like you give it your all until you're completely empty. In moments like these, I find myself feeling comforted and energized to keep going and give my little boy even more from myself. You realize how much you mean to them, and it makes me feel bad ever resenting any task relating to their happiness. Fever is gone now and the potty training has gone really great this week. He's a lot more capable than I gave him credit. Glad he is feeling better and here's to a better week.


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