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I'm Kim Brinton, and I'm a Mormon

The last few months have felt a little strange to me.  I'm reminded again at what a personal journey all of us go through in overcoming life's challenges and remaining faithful until the end.  Of all things I am grateful for in my life, it is my testimony of Jesus Christ.  All other beliefs I have hinge upon this very truth.  I wonder why I have never doubted it.  Sometimes I wonder if my testimony is as strong as others because I haven't really questioned it.  Do they know something I don't know?  Am I just believing what I have been told since my very earliest childhood?  Can I be sure of this without going through this difficult wrestle with the Lord?  For a long time I wondered this.  I also wonder why others around me find it difficult to believe in a loving Heavenly Father.  I have had more siblings fall away than believe and it weighs very heavily on me every day and has given me a lot to be sad about. Quite frankly, it makes me very upset with them and I am rec…