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Noah LOVES horses and they are all still out and about in their pastures. It's been a warm winter and we have loved it. Lucky for us, Grandma had a whole box of baby carrots about to go bad in her fridge. We were able to take advantage and head down the "baby" horse that is by her house and unload them all. Noah is still too scared to touch them or let them eat from his hand, but throwing them seems to be just as much fun to him. Kale and Rylee always make things like this more fun.

Clark Planetarium

Scott and I took Noah to the Jazz game, but due to some parking struggles, ended up parking at the Clark Planetarium. I didn't get any pictures at the game, but I did remember to take a few at the planetarium we stopped at before driving home. Noah loves the moon and every time we go out at night he starts scanning the sky for it. Needless to say, it was a fun night.

Kids Village Preschool

This week, I signed Noah up for preschool in the Fall at Kids Village. He is going to be in the "Little Sprout" group. I was surprised to find that spaces were already limited, so we were forced to do afternoon which I'm okay with. I think it will be nice for Noah to get out and socialize and play with other kids when the baby comes and he's cooped up in the house. Since he is so young, I felt bad leaving him so he will just go 2 days a week for a couple hours, but I'm hoping it gives me some time to play catch up if I can get him to school and the baby down for an afternoon nap. These scheduled breaks are going to be a lifesaver for me, and hopefully for Noah as well. They have a cooking class, science class, play time, reading time and music time. It's laid out like a village surrounding a tree house. Everything was so quaint and friendly, and I was surprised how new and clean everything was. Hope he likes it...

Our Mall Routine

We usually park at Nordstrom and head directly to see the fish. If you ask the kids shoe department, they give out free balloons as well. Noah usually wants a red or blue one. Then we ride the escalator as many times as I can stand before we head to the slide. This portion of our outing will end soon since they close at the end of this month. About half the time, we pick up an Oreo shake at the Nordstrom cafe and Noah likes to sit and drink it in front of the big hot fire while he colors pictures with their complimentary coloring sets the cafe hands out. We then head to the Disney store and I let him play with all the toys. I'm sure the workers there hate me because I rarely buy any of them. Sometimes he wants to stop at Build-A-Bear and look at all the animals, but usually he is too excited once I mention the slide to do anything else. On the way, we stop at Pretzel Maker to get pretzel bites and a drink that he usually can finish all by himself since he gets so thirsty run…

Angry Birds and Temple Run

Every time Noah sees me or Scott with our phone, he immediately snatches it away and starts his usual temple run and angry birds session. He actually is getting pretty good at them. For a while he could only turn right on Temple Run but now is an ambi-turner. He also recently discovered that tapping the screen mid-flight different birds will do different tricks. His other favorite is Talking Tom Cat, which I like because it gets him talking and laughing. These apps make my life a lot easier when I'm on the go and feel sorry for parents even one generation ago without this simple luxury.

Noah's boots!

Lately, Noah has been obsessed with his Lightning McQueen rain boots we got him from the Disney store. I have to admit, he looks so cute in them and the best part is that he can get them on and off by himself. I had no idea at the time that he would like wearing them as much as he does. He probably takes them on and off ten times a day and just likes to run, jump and walk around staring at his feet. Noah likes being called Puss in Boots when he wears them. My phone disk space was full so I've been taking photos on Scott's phone and I'll catch up on some posts once I get the pictures off his phone.