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I live for these three warm months.  They are what get me through the six months of cold weather here in Utah.  We have been making the most of them with splash pads, seven peaks, weddings (3 in one week), fireworks, vacations and just a chill day to day existence.  I never thought I was an uptight person until I had children.  I love summer for the very reason that I am more relaxed.  We had a big move in April and moved a whole six doors down from our last house!  But I LOVE having a park and third car garage.  My teenager self would have never wished for more garage space.  We just got back from our stay in Hawaii and the kids were so easy.  I kept seeing Robert and Tawni with a newborn and was grateful my kids were at good ages to travel. (Just in time to start trying for a third, right?) The flight was surprisingly not as bad as I was expecting which  was a huge bonus, aside from the peeved passenger sitting in front of Noah who kept looking back with a bugged expression but not …