Ireland 2017

I've had this weird urge to see Ireland for a really long time now.  I finally decided I was going to book it and talked three sisters (Kate, Karyn and Kami)  and one SIL (Linh) into coming.  I was shocked how easily it all came together and everyone was basically just up for some good old fashioned girl time.  It seemed like a good trip to take without the kids since I knew it would just be a lot of driving and sight seeing which they would definitely not be that into.  It was so fun just being able to be as carefree as you can be while driving around on the left side of the road.  The flight getting there was an absolute fiasco since storm Stella decided to move in the day we were scheduled to arrive in JFK.  Five scheduled flights later, Aer Lingus eventually rescheduled us out of Orlando after a day of being on the phones and we were able to get out and arrived just a few hours later than originally planned.  We had a bunch of layovers but at this point I was just happy to be on a plane not headed to JFK but I was glad that Kami was with me as a travel buddy or I would have been so bored.  We ended up seeing Dublin, Galway, Killarney, Cork and Kilkenny in one week!  It was a lot of driving but I wanted to see as much as I could.  I booked it to be over St. Patrick's Day and for sure this was the most fun day we got to spend in Ireland, although I learned it's not an Irish tradition to wear green and they don't pinch people either. I learned this after pinching a gas station worker.  We got to go to a lot of pubs and basically we realized the women in Ireland have it easy.   The guys there are pretty hard up for a girls.  We danced, we sang and we were the only sober ones there.  As soon as we got back, Karyn was already working on planning our next trip (Paris).


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