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Isabel Katrish

Isabel, you love life! You live each moment to the fullest capacity.  It is so fun to see the world through your eyes.  With that being said, you wear me out.  Sometimes I catch myself wishing I had you when I was 20 years old.  You are enough of a kid to keep me busy.  Most of the time, watching you is more of an effort to protect you from yourself.  You are way more adventurous than Noah was, I think that's your curiosity.  Several times a day I find you just excited and all smiles laughing and clambering about nothing.  You get excited about taking a bath, finding a bug, seeing someone you know, hearing a plane, reading a book, rocking on a rocking chair, pushing a button, hearing a dog bark, getting a treat, or any really trivial thing one encounters living day to day. The world holds so much joy for you.  You already make me laugh and have brought so much light into my life it's hard to stay mad at you when you dump out a bucket of beads, throw all your food onto the grou…