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Happy Birthday Noah!!!

Noah turned three this past week and to celebrate we threw a Cars Lightning McQueen party.  I have to say that this was the first year it was worth it to go through a lot of effort on behalf of a kids party because he totally appreciated it.  I felt bad that last year I was on bed rest so this year I tried to do something special for him.  We surprised him that morning with a bunch of balloons trapped in front of his door so when he woke up and opened it they would all come pouring in.  He was speechless for about ten seconds just confused and trying to figure out what was going on but he loved it.  Next we made him three pancakes in the shape of the number three since pancakes are his favorite breakfast.  Then I took him and Drew to the Provo Beach Resort to play around.  Then for dinner we took him out to eat for pizza and then dropped by the toy story and let him choose out his favorite toy.  He had to wait to get the rest of his presents until his party. His real birthday was fore…

Go San Jose Earthquakes!!!

Noah had his first soccer "game/practice" this week for team San Jose Earthquakes.  Scott took him since the baby had just fallen asleep and even Grandpa and Grandma came to support.  You know the phrase where people say "She came out dancing!"?  Well Noah, he came out loving soccer.  As early as he could recognize a ball he's loved them, soccer being his favorite. He LOVES it.  And I have to say, we didn't even pressure him into it, which is probably why I try so hard to accommodate this passion of soccer in Noah.  Not because I want him to play, but because he wants to play so badly.  I may have fibbed and said he was older than he was since you have to be three and he would have missed the deadline by 5 days.  Without wanting to sound bias, he was the biggest kid on the team and probably had the best skills anyway so I guess I can still sleep at night. Scott was very into it making sure he had the full attire.  One of the few times I can remember Scott a…