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Thank Goodness for Dads!

Noah has been such a sweet boy with the transition of having another baby around to take care of. Phrases like "In one minute I can play," or "Not right now, I have to feed the baby" or "Be quiet, the baby is sleeping" have become all too familiar to little Noah. He has tried his hardest to be patient and quiet and I appreciate that so much. He honestly has done way better than I expected and I just wish I could tell him that it will all be worth it in a year when he has a little best friend around to play with. It's demanded that he grow up a little faster than usual. Things that I used to have time for have abruptly ended. He now puts himself into a bed and takes a nap on his own without me laying there until he falls asleep. He entertains himself in the bath much longer, he feeds himself a lot more often and sadly, watches about four times the amount of tv I allowed previously. I find myself feeling very sorry for him whenever I am holding …

Some videos of Isabella in her first few weeks

This was taken at about 10 days old. She was acting a little fussy so I got her mobile set up and put her under it. She kept fussing around until I pushed the button that made the sound of a heart beat. You can see how calm she is and she just wanted to sit and listen. Reminds me of just how new they are.

Here she is in her first week of life. She is so alert and makes great eye contact. I love how this video shows her five wrinkles at the top of her forehead. Whenever she is concentrating or looking around they appear.

She kept smiling and so I tried catching one on camera, but all I got was a video of her going cross-eyed trying to look at me. Still cute anyway...

Our Family Has Grown!!!

Isabella Nicole Brinton was born on February 22nd, 2012. Weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20" long she surprised me with how small she was. They started me on pitocin around 8:00 am and by 9:30 the doctor had come in and popped my water to find that muchonium was in the amniotic fluid. They put me on oxygen after this to try to make sure she was getting as much as she could before delivery. At this point, Scott ran home for a potty break that demanded his home base. While he was gone, things got a little scary because her heart rate wasn't picking up so they had to "buzz" her. When that didn't work, they tried scalp stimulation which apparently caused it to pick up. Then my contractions really picked up around 10:30 and after requesting an epidural, I found out that the anesthesiologist was just headed in to a c-section and wouldn't be out for another hour. I waited the long hour and asked the nurse what the status on the epidural would be. She came back …