Play dates

We had Kale and Rylee over lately to have some fun since I don't like to go anywhere with Noah potty training. First Kale and Noah had to give the cars a bubble bath in my bathroom sinks (we lost one shake-n-go Hudson Hornet in the process), which eventually led to their own bath in the tub. Then we made Valentines cards with Q-tips and paint to send to their cousins Hayes and Olivia in California who they've been missing since Christmas. We actually ran into the mail man when trying to send them, so they felt extra cool giving their letters to him. Pipe cleaners were next, making bugs, flowers, wands and glasses. I realized very quickly how much my life will change with another kid around the house. I'm glad I won't be as bored this time. With Noah as a newborn, there was no one to talk to. This time I'll have Noah to entertain at the same time. Even though I'm sure it's going to be a lot harder and more work, I am looking forward to a fuller house. I'm not one for a quiet and empty house.


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