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Cole Henry Brinton

I wanted to take a minute and write down the story of how Cole Henry Brinton became a part of our family.  After a few years of trying we knew it was time to start taking other measures.  Dr. Nance, my regular OB/GYN, started me on clomid which is how I got Isabel after six months on it. Well we did that and nothing so the doctor order me to go into the hospital and have a HSG test which basically they shoot dye into your uterus and tubes to make sure there are no obstructions.  He said they usually came back normal but it was the first test they run since it's usually the quickest at finding a problem.  Well I went in expecting to have a quick in and out.  The radiologist said he would only need to be taking three films and it would be over.  Well of course that's not what happened.  He began filling my uterus with dye and it would not enter the tubes.  In other words, Ouch! This causes you to start having major cramping and I wasn't expecting to be so uncomfortable.  Nor…