Noah got to take a trip to Disneyland with Dad this past week courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Brinton, while the girls stayed home.  I was worried to travel with Isabella so young, so we had a nice relaxing weekend together while Noah had the time of his life.  Noah was barely 42" and was able to go on pretty much any ride he would have wanted to so it was perfect timing.  His favorites were Jumping Jellyfish, Toy Story and, of course, Mickey Mouse.  He wasn't afraid of the characters at all, which surprised us a bit.  It was the first time I think he really understood what it was to fly on a plane as was so excited to look out the window.  He LOVED swimming in the pools at the hotel and Scott said he only cried one time the entire trip, when he wanted a pack of McQueen cars that he already had at home so Scott didn't buy them.  It's fun was the kids get older to actually make all the work of doing something worth it.  I'm sure we have many more trips to Disneyland in our future.

First time seeing Mickey

Winnie the Pooh ride

Train ride he'd been looking forward to

Minnie Mouse kissing his ouchie all better

Jumping Jellyfish

Kale going through withdrawals 


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