Slow Down

I just read a story about a lady who forgot about her baby who had fallen asleep in her car seat because she was too worried about getting to the next thing and went on auto pilot.  Turns out it reached 100 degrees that day and the baby, being left in the car for 8 hours, died of heat stroke.  Now this is not your every day story of why it's hard to be a mom and I'm sure I won't be forgetting it any time soon.  I can only imagine the horror that mother experienced and I can only hope nothing like that ever happens to me.  That's the hard part about being a mom, though.  All the worry, constantly.  It made me take inventory of my life.  Sometimes I try to have the life I had before kids and this is usually when I get the most stressed out.  I want to fully embrace my life with children and stop trying to "do it all."  The truth is I do have it all. The Mom in the story had mentioned that her daughter was the one who "slipped through the cracks."  My kids are my world but as a mom it's easy to feel some strain when trying to juggle it all and I've just come to accept that my kids are the most important thing to me and I want to make them priority number one because everything else can wait. It reminded me that I need to slow down and be conscious in the moment of my life and not trying to check off a task list of things needing to be done.  I want to resolve to be better about slowing down and prioritizing my kids needs above mine.  I've heard a million times that moms need to "find interests of their own" and what not.  I try to convince myself of this but it seems every time I try I feel like I fail just a little bit as a Mom.  Why is being a Mom not enough?  Well it is for me and I'm going to try to scale back and balance my life more appropriately to revolve around my children. I hope to gain more patience, more confident and loved children and a happier me.  I'm not saying you can only be a mommy and anything outside of this is wrong, but for me I feel like I need to refocus my energy and be tuned in and present and just slow down a bit.  I get too hurried in life and I don't want to regret that. It reminds me of a quote by President Monson that says "Never let a job to be done become more important than a person to be loved."  Words to live by.


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