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The other day I was reminded of how grown up Noah is becoming.  He is starting to grasp the idea that you don't want to be naked in front of other people, starting to use bigger words like "usually" and asking more thought provoking questions. He found a spray scent freshener in the bathroom and after me explaining it to him I forgot about the conversation.  The next time he had pooped I hear him asking me to come and wipe him.  I walked in and he had a huge smile on his face and asked "Does it smell stinky in here?" To my surprise it smelled fruity and then he showed me the spray that he had so thoughtfully used for my benefit. He now uses it every time and loves that he is a big boy. I wondered how many times I have forgotten about how much he loves to take in the world around him and experience things for himself and I forget to include him in things like that.  The other day I sent him to his room after he threw a foam toy at Bella's face when they were in the bath.  (I never thought someone could get hurt from a foam letter but Bella's eye was puffy and red and figured we ought to put an end to throwing things at babes faces) and I heard him in there just talking to himself and losing it.  I went to the door and listened to what he was so upset about and I heard his concerned voice painfully worried saying "I don't want Heavenly Father and Jesus to be mad at me." It made me realize how hard he tries to please everyone and hates letting people down but on a bigger note I realized that his childhood is slipping away.  The days of care free do whatever innocent fun idea you can think of and now he's starting to grasp bigger concepts like a Heavenly Father, accountability and remorse.  He makes more jokes every day and honestly, last night I couldn't get him to stop asking me question after question.  His mind is just so active lately. And today he was playing angry birds and we heard his bird, Dusty, chirping so loud.  I turned to Noah and asked "Do you think Dusty wants me to get him out of his cage and play with him?" He replied "No, because you just get angry all the time.  Remember when I told you to not get angry all the time? So Dusty just wants me because he doesn't want Moms because Moms are just mad all the time." It's just little conversations like these that made me stop and think to myself "This is his only childhood.  I am responsible for his only childhood and in his words Mom is angry all the time."  Now I know I'm not angry all the time and Noah calls me angry if I simply tell him to not be mean to his sister in the nicest voice I have.  He just doesn't want to get in trouble but still, it made me wonder how he will remember me as he gets older.  Lately, I catch myself thinking I'm bored.  And since only boring people are bored I've decided to make a Mother/Son bucket list to do with Noah and a Mother/Daughter one to do with Bella.  I love that I have time to spend with my kids one on one.  Growing up I don't recall spending much one on one time with my parents and I hope to kindle a close open relationship with my kids and try to get on the same page with them. I'm sure my list will get revised as time goes along but it's a good starting off point.

Here goes (ideas from pinterest)

Mother/Son Bucket List
Go rock climbing (real or facility). 
Plan a fishing trip.
Go to a concert together of his choice. 
Wake him up in the middle of the night and go to an all night diner for breakfast. 
Plant a tree or grow vegetables in the backyard. 
Make a model airplane. 
Visit a history museum. 
Paint his room. 
Build a bird house. 
Take surfing lessons. 
Teach him how to be a gentleman and how to treat a woman. 
Take a spontaneous, weekend road trip. 
Go canoeing.
Go camping. 
Create a paper-mache volcano and blow it up. 
Memorize a book of mormon story together. 
Go on a mission trip. 
Run a 5k together. 
Pick out, buy and train a puppy. 
Buy him his first suit. 
Visit a college in every city you ever visit together. 
Go to one professional game for every sport you can think of. 
Look through old black and white photos of your relatives. 
Serve at a soup kitchen or shelter together. 
Stay in a cabin on a lake for a week. 
Go horseback riding. 
Go snorkeling in the ocean. 
Go snow skiing/snow boarding. 
Go water skiing/wake boarding. 
Fly a kite. 
Try archery. 
Go zip lining. 
Read a classic together–The Lord of the Rings, Tom Sawyer, etc 
Make your own pizza from scratch. 
Create your own barbecue specialty. 
Create your own kitchen cookie recipe. 
Start an investment account. 
Watch the entire Star Wars collection. 
Teach him to iron and sew on buttons. 
Take a trip to where his favorite movie or book was set. 
Take your father and your son somewhere special. 
Do something your son has always wanted to do. 
Camp in a tent in the backyard- or a state park.
Test drive a dream car we have no intention of buying

Mother/Daughter Bucket List
  • Develop a signature family recipe cookbook
  • See a Broadway play or ballet
  • Get in the car and drive somewhere spontaneous
  • Take a mother/daughter trip abroad
  • Take an art class (pottery, painting, etc)
  • Have a mother/daughter photo shoot
  • Bury a time capsule
  • Complete a physical challenge – climb a mountain, hike a trail, run/walk a marathon, etc.
  • Write a list of qualities that your daughter should look for in a man
  • Serve at a local shelter
  • Plan an outing for every holiday…pumpkin patch, Christmas tea, etc
  • Get a free make over at a department store
  • Do a Book of Mormon study
  • Plant a garden with your favorite flowers
  • Go to a weekend craft/art class
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Picnic up the canyon
  • Have a classic movie marathon
  • Go on a special shopping spree
  • Play in the rain
  • Redecorate your daughters room
  • Learn how to change a tire (hopefully not because you have a flat!)
  • Explore the local places you’ve never been
  • Get up early and watch the sunrise
  • See both your favorite bands together
  • Have karaoke night
  • Update and paint a room in your house
  • Visit every local museum
  • Have a spa weekend- at home or out and about
  • Visit a big city for a weekend
  • Do something only your daughter has always wanted to do
  • Do something only your mom has always wanted to do
  • Give Grandma a Surprise. Take her our spontaneously. Double Mother-Daughter Day!
  • Look at baby photos of both of you and reminisce together; Share ancestor stories/favorite memories.
  • Lay in the grass in the summer together and making pictures out of the clouds.
  • Journal–for when they’re little, keep track of it in a journal they can have later – add pics to it if you want 
  • How about dancing? Just turn on music at home and dance until you drop. Or play old songs and show her how to do the moves 
  • Dress up: Do each other’s hair and makeup, dress in fancy dresses and have a nice dinner party or tea party.

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    1. I love your lists. These are so cute and thoughtful. Lets do some camping this summer.


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