I never posted these pictures of our trip we took to California just before Thanksgiving.  My kids are at awesome ages to travel and make going to places like Disneyland worth it because they are finally excited and get what's going on.  I really wish all my sisters lived closer because having so many cousins around was a treat unto itself.  Kate is the most laid back, easy going hostess you'll ever meet and for this reason, her house has become a semi-hotel for the McHenry's. Kathy, Kami, Karyn, Kate and I all were there.  (Kellie was the only one missing)  Every time one of these trips ends I think to myself I should do them more often.  This time was pretty comical because inevitably one person got the flu and it spread like wildfire to everyone else. You're welcome Kate. Kathy and I were the only ones to escape it.  Unfortunately Jackson got his the day of Disneyland and Kathy couldn't go.  I would have been soooo bummed if that were me.  Luckily, ours hit a half hour after we got home from Disneyland and I have never been so happy to get sick.  It couldn't have been better timing and I just kept feeling grateful we didn't fly all that way and miss out.  The crowds at Disneyland were perfect.  It was a little drizzly for a few hours and luckily that kept everyone away while we got to play!
Newport Beach
 Best buds

Big Air bounce house
 We just don't get to see Estelle often enough

 I wish this photo came with audio of Bella screaming with joy

Melts my heart
 Luigi's Tires
 The photo that makes me realize I need to lose weight

 He almost couldn't believe it
 Mater's Tow Yard

 A big thanks to Kami for taking one for the team. These rides make me so sick!

 Radiator Springs was the highlight for Noah.  He got to go on the racer ride twice and lines were sooo much faster than the last time we were there!  Luckily we got there early enough for fast passes.

 Within the first hour, he had found three churro stands and frequented them all!

 The lines were so quick and I was grateful because I had this little one to deal with
 Disneyland at Christmas time is so pretty and fun. 
Kate was the built-in babysitter with Isabel which was nice because Scott was at home with the flu.

 This was my kind of zoo.  It was $2.00 to get in and it was just the right amount of animals and so laid back the kids loved it.  Wish I lived closer to one of these.

 We caught the cougar and bears feeding time which was fun.  Noah loved that these cougars played soccer!

 He has a thing for weird faces

 And the zoo had a petting zoo that you could literally walk into and be up close and personal with the animals.  They  had feed and brushes for the goats.  Bella had died and gone to heaven.

 At one point, Bella couldn't get enough of these goats and decided to lick them.  Yuck!  

 Jackson, the goat.

 Sad someone stole his spot.  I think this was the only meltdown of the trip.


  1. Way fun post! I feel like I missed out big time! Cute pictures Kim!


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