Happy New Year

Going into this year, I feel like I've got my life down to an organized system of day to day routines which means it's about time to have another baby.  Scott and I have to try a little harder than some to get pregnant, but I do hope we can have one by the end of the year.  I don't want Isabel too far apart from her next sibling. I've been doing a little cleaning/organizing around the house now that the major renovations are done and it feels so nice.  I never knew how stressful living in clutter can get. My goals this year are to take more pictures, lose weight (always), and generally just be happy and enjoy my life. I've made it a goal to try to never raise my voice.  I actually don't do it often but the few times I have I hated how it made me feel so I'm trying to just be a calm parent.  It seems like each kid I have had, I've actually become more calm and relaxed.  I think that my expectations are lower haha. I realize how much of things are just out of your control.  I do want to start on some genealogy which I thought I would NEVER say.  But my Dad is getting old (turns 70 this year) and I have a fear that he may start forgetting what he's done and it would all be lost!  My kids are so enjoyable for me lately, aside from being indoor all day.  I swear we need to move to warmer weather!  Noah is in ski school this January and February so I'll be taking him to do that which should be interesting.  I'm hoping he likes it.  Isabel is talking more and more each day.  She says full sentences and can pretty much get anyone to do stuff for her because she is so good and persistent about asking for things.  She is getting a lot better about listening to her Mom which is so much appreciated on my part.  I need to be better about not calling her "naughty" because the other day we were walking out of Target she was running into the street and I told her to stop.  Noah turned and said "She sure is turning into a naughty little thing."  While cute, I felt bad hearing Noah repeat words I had said about her.  The thing is, she isn't really naughty.  Just a complete busy body all the time.  She gets herself into so many predicaments I can't recall a day where we didn't have some fiasco whether drawing on walls, taking her diaper off again and again or just always wanting to be right on top of me.  She isn't trying to be naughty, she just loves everything and can't help explore.  It's one of my favorite things about her.  She constantly just screams high pitched simply because she's excited.  Nothing you can do about it.  People at church have had to just ignore it. She is a great sleeper, eater, and little helper.  Noah is still very confident and sure he's just the fastest, strongest, cutest kid on earth.  He got his feelings hurt so badly at school because he was talking to a girl, London, in his class and said "You're my friend" to which she replied "I'm not your friend."  I wish I could explain his reaction but it was so sad to see him crying with tears and so upset and confused at this girls rudeness towards him.  I guess it's part of growing up but I just wanted to protect him from mean kids.  He doesn't even understand it when people are rude to him because he's only had everyone telling him how sweet he is all the time.  He is still the easiest kid on the planet and demand so little of me.  Scott has been busy at work lately so I don't see him as much as I'd like but I guess that is my only complaint.  Here's to a good year with good memories.


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