Well let's first try wrapping up 2012!  Scott and I had a fun time in Israel.  We saw all sorts of crazy sites and it is definitely a trip of a lifetime.  I am glad I got to leave the kids behind as they would not have appreciated anything and the time change/airfare would have been killer.  So we went 9 days while my Mom watched my kids.  My Mom is a saint!  We then got back in time for Christmas but Christmas Eve Scott came down with a really bad flu so I had him quarantined while I was left to handle Christmas and all that implies on my own.  I had a crazy busy week but I did get a video of them Christmas morning to watch.  Noah got some Hot Wheels tracks, footballs, and a Wii.  I just got Isabella a little baby doll and figured I already had enough baby toys to last ten children.  We did get out and managed to do something fun every day of Christmas break.  Sledding, making cookies, Lowe's Extreme Sports, Trafalga, Provo Beach Resort, and building a snowman.  I also managed to get all my Christmas stuff taken down and stored away without any help.  Once Scott was feeling better I felt so wiped out and felt so lucky to have another set of hands to help out.

For New Years, I literally slept through it.  That's about my speed these days. As far as any resolutions go, I'm not usually one for these but I do always seem to have a running list in my head of things to get done but nothing "official."  To write some of them down, I want to lose the baby weight.  Try finishing up some jobs around the house and finish furnishing/decorating/painting things. I feel my home is a never ending task but I like it, even if I rarely get around to it. I think if I could just get everything organized and throw away a lot of junk I would feel so much better.  My garage is the main source of frustration.  I would also like to try to get Noah in some team sports this year and learn to do like a basic "survival" swim.  I'm also debating what preschool to put him in next year.  He loves the one he is at, but there is one much closer with a good reading program.  We'll see.  For Isabella I am more looking forward to milestones. I want to get her walking and off formula but she will do that on her own and it requires little effort on my part.  Scott would like to take lessons and improve on the guitar.  I would like to try to get a little better at time management, working out, and cooking better meals.  I also would like to see if I can be a more deliberate parent and do things with a little thought and intention rather than letting the day get away from me and undone.  I guess more of a planned routine would be nice.  I want to try to be better at updating this blog as well as taking more pictures/videos of my kids because when all is said and done, that is all I will have to show for the year. I want to be better at candid shots, rather than like studio ones.  Maybe try to get one family picture outdoors of us.  We have zero!  We also are going to try to be a little more spontaneous and adventurous.  Scott and I have a couple trips in the works and now our kids are at pretty good ages to travel.   It's always harder when you have a newborn and are sleep deprived or pregnant or sick so this is a good year and a window of opportunity so to speak.  It only gets harder the more children you have so I want to try to capitalize on that.  Anyway, a pretty boring post but felt bad it's been so long.


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