It's been a while

First time falling asleep while playing!

First time in her johnny jumper

Graceland, Memphis, TN

She was severely allergic to something out there in MO
This lasted a couple weeks, still have no idea what was the culprit

Just had to throw this picture in
Grandpa McHenry's Grave
Killed in WWII
We were actually able to visit him on Father's Day
Bored driving to Chicago from Missouri but the kids did great!
Shore of Lake Michigan
Noah loved throwing rocks into the water

So my SIL is going to Jerusalem for the next couple months and I want her to be able to follow what is going on in our lives and just realized how outdated this thing is and wanted to get it current so it's time for a little update...first off, we have had a pretty busy summer.  We were spending a while in Poplar Bluff, MO while Scott was working on opening/hiring/training a waterpark out there (as well as fishing with Jason).  Luckily, my Mom agreed to come and help with the kids and be a travel buddy since Scott was going to be super busy.  It was an adventure and not the biggest of towns to be spending a hot summer in.  The mesquitos were CRAZY out there.  It would literally sound like it was raining if you were driving on the road at night.  Jason actually came out to help Scott and ended up meeting a special someone so we'll see how that works out.  We were able to visit my grandparents, who are getting very old.  So old it scared me to ever get old.  While in Springfield, MO we decided to head up to Branson (the midwest's Vegas) and did go-karting and Scott did a pretty crazy high fly ride. We also went and fulfilled a lifelong goal of my Moms and visited Graceland. Maybe it wasn't her lifelong goal, but it was funny to do something like that with my Mom.  It almost felt strange getting to do an outing like that with my Mom.  Growing up in such a big family, you never have that much personal one-on-one time with a parent.  I'm happy my kids got to know her and also that she got to know my kids.  There is definitely a different attachment you get to someone when you are able to spend that much time together. Other than that, I don't recall doing much other than helping around the park.  Kids are pretty resilient and happy with pretty much anything, although Noah got more than his share of toys to entertain himself as there was very little else to do.  We did go on a weekly date to the movies and saw Madagascar 3 as well as Brave.  My favorite experience was floating down the Current River.  So much fun and such a pretty scenic river.  I, along with the rest of the world, would love to live in a lake house. As far as Chicago it was very short lived. We were only there briefly but were able to celebrate the fourth of July at the beach enjoying an awesome fireworks show.  Noah loves the ocean (Michigan Lake) and it makes me wish I lived closer to one.  I hope we get the chance to go back there again sometime and seeing how the Brinton's just bought a park, that may be a very viable possibility.  It was nice coming home to Utah and spending some of the Summer at home with family.  Summer is already over and Noah has started preschool and I have to say he has surprised me with how much he likes it and looks forward to it.  He definitely is growing up so fast and I think he is liking the fun break and having time to spend with other kids his own age.  His teacher is Mrs. Marjan and she said Noah is so well behaved and quiet.  The little one is now six months old already.  She has had a terrible bought with ear infections.  She has had one pretty much every month since she's been born.   The doctors are talking tubes if she gets any more.  She isn't sleeping great at night due to this but is slowly getting  little better.  Poor thing!  I would add a couple videos but my computer is giving out on me so I'll try again later.
These two could not like one another more 

Taken when she was four months old

Noah's 1st day of preschool
Pretty excited!


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