Isabella is two months old

With that comes a trip to the doctor's office for her first round of immunizations.  She was not a happy camper that day, but she is still just as cute as ever.  She was in the 95% for height, 90% for head circumference, and 70% for weight.  I think we have another tall baby on our hands.  She weighed 12 pounds and perfectly healthy.  She is still waking up once at night, but we're hoping in another couples weeks we go to a full nights rest.  Makes for a much more energetic Mommy.  I have to admit that getting her dressed every morning is one of my favorite things to do.  She has started really smiling when you play with her and even finds her voice sometimes.  I love it when they start to get a little personality. We love you baby girl.

                                                              Our blue-eyed baby girl

Chubby cheeks

Noah trying to entertain himself at the doctors with cars


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