I love you Noah

You soak up any praise given to you and maybe one day you will want to read this and know yourself through my eyes. I'm having a hard time getting to sleep tonight and decided to check on you and make sure you were all bundled up. The thought of you being cold is one of my pet peeves. Well you were in need of some covering and as I was placing your blanket I was nearly brought to tears by the thought of what a special boy you are. I hope I am always the kind of mom you deserve. You are the sweetest little boy and I feel really blessed to have you in my life. I love every time you walk down each stair giving me a kiss thru the railing and always laugh when I "bonk" my head on the last step. I love every time I get you anything to eat or help you put your shoes on and you say "thank you." I love every time you are trying to fall asleep you have to put your arm around my neck and pull my head in next to yours and tell me to close my eyes. I love every time you want something like a cookie, you say the word and I ask if you want a cookie and you say "Yeah, kay" like it was my idea. Every time we go downstairs you insist on riding on my back. I love every time you're in the middle of something fun and I tell you to come go potty and you stop immediately and say "okay" so obediently. I love every time you have to stop me midway through putting on your underwear and say "No, babies turn." Every time the door bell rings you breath in really loudly and say "Who's that? Friend." Every time I say I love you and you respond "No, I love you more." Or every time you see me doting over your sister you come over to join in by saying "Cute eyes." I love every time you do your spooky face and say "Mom, mom, mom" waiting for me to slowly look over and get scared. And when you're sure it's a really good one you have to go look in the mirror to see for yourself. I love when you do your counting and you start at three and skip four and always end at ten. I love when you see any of your younger cousins and you have to scream and run and give them such a big hug and then fall down laughing. I love you the only way to get you to eat is by pretending you're a horse and feeding you. I love when you say "That's enough" after you've grabbed four books down. I love every bath time how you shake your hands up and down frantically any time I pour water on your head and then you ask for it again. All these little moments happen nearly every day and the moments are gone in an instant. They seem so trivial most every time they occur but it hit me tonight that they are what make being your Mom all so worth it and I'm sad that those moments will ever come and go for good. You are such a nice and tender kid, it surprises me that I had anything to do with who you're becoming and I hope to enable you to reach your full potential. You try so hard to please me as your parent and I hope you know you've already surpassed any expectation I had for you and that there is no need to get my approval of you, as you already have it. You have a special little spot in my heart and I hope to always remember just how perfectly sweet you are and find more patience with you day to day as I'm always reminded I can never be too nice to you. I feel like such an inadequate parent sometimes but seeing what a kind boy you're growing up to be it gives me reassurance I must be doing something right. You make me a proud mama and I love spending all day every day with you. I'm going to miss the two and half year old Noah. Let's try to enjoy as much of you at this point in time as we can.


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