Our Family Has Grown!!!

Isabella Nicole Brinton was born on February 22nd, 2012. Weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20" long she surprised me with how small she was. They started me on pitocin around 8:00 am and by 9:30 the doctor had come in and popped my water to find that muchonium was in the amniotic fluid. They put me on oxygen after this to try to make sure she was getting as much as she could before delivery. At this point, Scott ran home for a potty break that demanded his home base. While he was gone, things got a little scary because her heart rate wasn't picking up so they had to "buzz" her. When that didn't work, they tried scalp stimulation which apparently caused it to pick up. Then my contractions really picked up around 10:30 and after requesting an epidural, I found out that the anesthesiologist was just headed in to a c-section and wouldn't be out for another hour. I waited the long hour and asked the nurse what the status on the epidural would be. She came back to tell me that apparently there was a problem with the operating rooms doors and that they actually had to switch rooms and it would be another hour before he could come in since they had "just started." So then I waited another hour. It was about 12:15 when he finally came in and I'm not sure what I was dilated to because they were waiting until after the epidural was put in to check me to keep things more comfortable. The first one wasn't enough and I could still feel my contractions pretty strong. He came in and gave me a second dose about 30 minutes later. That did the trick and she was born at 12:57 pm after only a couple pushes. Although I wouldn't get to see her until thirty minutes later. They had to call the NICU respiratory team in and have them waiting for her. They cleared out her lungs and mouth/nose and monitored her breathing, heart rate and oxygen for a while. I guess this is a precautionary thing they do since there was muchonium and they want to ensure that none of it is inhaled into the lungs when they are born. She was struggling a little at first but after a while, she was cleared and I was able to hold her. I was a little surprised by what she looked like. Scott had told me she looked JUST like Noah so I wasn't expecting her to look so much like me. She had the same little suction spot on her left hand like Noah. Apparently they both liked sucking on the back of their hand when inside. It's definitely a surreal moment holding your baby for the first time. Your world just seems so different and complete all in an instant. I feel like it's a surprise you know is coming but then it comes and the moment still catches you off-guard and somehow unexpectedly surprises you. I don't know how I'll feel with my last baby because that feeling is just so uniquely rare and special I can't imagine thinking it will never come again. We are all so blessed to be trusted with Heavenly Father's children. I feel again that added weight of responsibility for such a pure and precious perfect little baby. I've felt an added sweet little spirit in our home again. Almost like you just have a happy, excited little buzz when you are walking around the house. Scott has definitely been so much more comfortable with a baby the second time around and way more help with Noah. Noah calls her "Baby Bella" and loves to hold her bottle and get right next to her face and say "Hi baby!" Luckily, he's only tried picking her up once which we put an abrupt end to. My Mom has been a lifesaver in all of this. She has been coming at nights and waking up with her which is monumental to a quick and easy recovery. I've definitely appreciated the help and can' t thank her enough. It's so fun being a new mom when you're rested. I have been able to make the transition to two kids much easier. So many people in this world already love you Isabella. I wish every baby was as fortunate as you to come into such a loving home. Thanks for blessing our lives with your sweet disposition and gentleness. I hope to be your support system through all of your challenges and your best friend in life.
Love, Mom


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