Thank Goodness for Dads!

Noah has been such a sweet boy with the transition of having another baby around to take care of. Phrases like "In one minute I can play," or "Not right now, I have to feed the baby" or "Be quiet, the baby is sleeping" have become all too familiar to little Noah. He has tried his hardest to be patient and quiet and I appreciate that so much. He honestly has done way better than I expected and I just wish I could tell him that it will all be worth it in a year when he has a little best friend around to play with. It's demanded that he grow up a little faster than usual. Things that I used to have time for have abruptly ended. He now puts himself into a bed and takes a nap on his own without me laying there until he falls asleep. He entertains himself in the bath much longer, he feeds himself a lot more often and sadly, watches about four times the amount of tv I allowed previously. I find myself feeling very sorry for him whenever I am holding Isabel and I look over to see him just laying on the floor next to me driving the same car back and forth for a long time just completely bored. I have had Scott come home for his lunch break on several occasions and take him out to play. This has helped a lot, but I find my role as his Mom shifting and he has become much closer to Scott lately as I am too tired to keep up with him. I'm trying my hardest to have the same amount of time and patience with him and whenever I do find the time to play with him, I try to make sure I devote it just to him. I hope he doesn't feel replaced or less important. I'm finding that it is a hard balance as a parent to ensure that every kid is getting the love and attention they need. Thanks for being an amazing first child Noah, you set the bar so high and I hope that you know I love you. Isabella is lucky to have such sweet older brother and I hope she appreciates all the one-on-one time you are giving up to share her with Mom. I promise this summer will be the best one yet!

Here is a video of him in a "bubble dress." It's one of the lame games I play with him when his sister is sleeping. Trying to entertain a 2 year old inside all day for weeks can be pretty hard on both the parent and the child.


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