Our Mall Routine

We usually park at Nordstrom and head directly to see the fish. If you ask the kids shoe department, they give out free balloons as well. Noah usually wants a red or blue one. Then we ride the escalator as many times as I can stand before we head to the slide. This portion of our outing will end soon since they close at the end of this month. About half the time, we pick up an Oreo shake at the Nordstrom cafe and Noah likes to sit and drink it in front of the big hot fire while he colors pictures with their complimentary coloring sets the cafe hands out. We then head to the Disney store and I let him play with all the toys. I'm sure the workers there hate me because I rarely buy any of them. Sometimes he wants to stop at Build-A-Bear and look at all the animals, but usually he is too excited once I mention the slide to do anything else. On the way, we stop at Pretzel Maker to get pretzel bites and a drink that he usually can finish all by himself since he gets so thirsty running around the play ground. I usually stop at Sees and get a couple chocolates for my treat and Noah gets his free chocolate gold coin he for some reason loves. Noah is big enough now that he can go down the slide without my help. A BIG breakthrough for us because I basically just sit there and let him wear himself out. I like that they have a play area indoors so close to our house because during the winter, it's usually too cold to head to the park and let him play. We stay for about 45 minutes to an hour and usually by the end, Noah is soaking wet because he's found the water ball and played until he's drenched. Noah actually loves going to the mall and it is a well spent morning because he leaves tired with a full stomach. Surprisingly, I can actually squeeze in a lot of window shopping, or if I'm looking for anything in particular I can pick it up between "attractions." He is really easy to haul around now and it's nice to get out of the house in a way we both can enjoy. Baby girl...please don't cramp our style.

Here's a video of Noah going down the slide. He did have a morning bath and was dressed cute until he found his McQueen jammies in the hamper and insisted on pairing them with his McQueen boots. His boots kept getting stuck so he had to take them off to slide down. He insisted in taking off his socks and pretty much looks homeless, but happy.

This is a video of Noah running fast like McQueen. After he saw the video of him going down the slide, he insisted that I take one of how fast he was. He knows he's going really fast if I yell "Kachow!"


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