Kids Village Preschool

This week, I signed Noah up for preschool in the Fall at Kids Village. He is going to be in the "Little Sprout" group. I was surprised to find that spaces were already limited, so we were forced to do afternoon which I'm okay with. I think it will be nice for Noah to get out and socialize and play with other kids when the baby comes and he's cooped up in the house. Since he is so young, I felt bad leaving him so he will just go 2 days a week for a couple hours, but I'm hoping it gives me some time to play catch up if I can get him to school and the baby down for an afternoon nap. These scheduled breaks are going to be a lifesaver for me, and hopefully for Noah as well. They have a cooking class, science class, play time, reading time and music time. It's laid out like a village surrounding a tree house. Everything was so quaint and friendly, and I was surprised how new and clean everything was. Hope he likes it...


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