This year was pretty low key.  Noah's favorite thing we did was probably Hee Haw Farms (Noah loved the tractor ride and corn pit as well as the ducky water pump, hated the petting zoo-I think that's my fault because I screamed when a cow wouldn't stop chewing on my coat chasing me around) and of course trick-or-treating.  In fact, Kale and Noah decided to go trick-or-treating the 29th and the 30th.  I let them go because we were at my Mom's house and no one in the neighborhood would recognize him and he already had his costume on from school.  It actually worked out great since everyone pretty much had their candy by then and we got to squeeze it in a couple extra times.  He doesn't even care to eat any of the candy.  Just couldn't get over the fact that if you rang someones doorbell they would give you candy.  He thought he had struck gold.  I was reminded of how sweet and non-aggressive Noah is. All the kids would run up to the door and Noah would just wait in the back of the line for his little piece of candy.  Sometimes it took forever just to get it because our group would all get one and before Noah could wait his turn for one another group of kids would come running up and jump right in front of him.  He would just wait and wait until there was no one left but him and the bowl of candy.  It was the warmest Halloween on record in Utah and it was so nice not to have to bundle the kids up.  Noah was Pooh Bear and Isabella was Piglet.  They looked pretty cute together and I figure I can only do coordinating outfits for so long so I had to take advantage.  Other milestones included me turning 29, Isabella cut her two lower teeth, started climbing stairs and got tubes in her ears.  Noah can now sing his ABC's song minus a couple "LMNOP" letters and will say his own prayers now without us helping him.


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