Bubs turns 1

Our big boy had his birthday last month.  We ended up having to reschedule his party because while at the doctors for his first year check up we showed the doctor an area on his bum that looked red and swollen and the pediatrician immediately sent us to a pediatric surgeon who felt it needed to be resolved that day.  (I had noticed it the day before but figured I'd wait a day since I knew I already had an appointment so my insurance covered the well check instead of a sick visit they don't cover). Well we had to wait for the window of when he last ate to be far enough out and at 5:00 he headed into surgery.  We were home by 8:00 and it was all resolved aside from a drain they left in for 10 days to help any residual infection to clear out. We just moved the party to the following day and it all worked out great. Originally,  I was going to skip all the party stuff and just let him smash a cake since I felt like we just threw Bella a party, but Scott said there was no way and he felt too bad giving him lesser treatment just because he was the third child.  So I kind of got guilted into it (not that I was a hard sale or anything).  We went with circus theme since Isabel and Noah chose the decorations at Zurcher's.  We had games, concessions food, hot dogs, chips, root beer, and an ice cream bar.  The kids love getting tickets from their games and coming to buy their treats.  Cotton candy was probably the biggest hit along with the popcorn.  Instead of party hats, we did clown noses and I made Bubs wear a strong man costume I made out of his Christmas pajamas, Bella was a tight rope walker, and Noah was the circus conductor.  I think all the kids had fun and Target made the cutest smash cake for like $3 that was so cute.  Happy Birthday Bubs!

  We have a tradition of waking up the children on their birthday with a candle for them to blow out.
    The nurse was nice enough to part ways with her thermometer since he was refusing to let it go.

                            Bubs just kept reaching in and eating more and more popcorn.


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