My little Noah Bear

I'm not sure how I deserve such a sweetie, but Noah really is the perfect child.  I'm reminded again and again of this.  Today I was driving in the car and figured Noah must be tired since he went to bed late and woke up early.  I told him to close his eyes and take a nap.  His only response was "Okay, will you wake me when we get home?"  Being his mom, I know how much he hates taking naps.  It was so sweet how obedient he was being about this.  I was pretty surprised when I looked back to see his little eyes squinted shut and him trying his hardest to fall asleep.  I turned back around and continued to drive.  I looked back a few minutes later to see him with his eyes peeking a little open then immediately shut once they caught a glimpse of me.  He kept them sealed shut until eventually he fell asleep. It is a small story and insignificant in the big scheme of things but it made me almost sad how obedient he is.  He trusts me whole heartedly.  I hope I am aware of this in my parenting and handling him softly like he deserves.  Sometimes I feel like I'm killing a mosquito with a shotgun when I discipline him when just a gentle reminder would do. He listens so well, he almost needs nothing more than that. Noah is going through a funny thing right now where he won't eat any junk food.  It all started one night when I told him to come brush his teeth.  Naturally, he listened and came over.  After I was done, he asked "Why do we have to brush our teeth?"  I explained that there are cavity bugs in our junk food that make our teeth rotten so we have to brush them off.  From that moment and for the last month or so he has been so concerned about his teeth.  He asks me before he eats anything "Is this healthy food?"  If I say yes, he will eat it and grin.  If I say no he puts it down and says I'm never eating junk food ever again.  That is Noah to his core.  When he knows better, he does better.  I have learned as his parent, that if I explain something properly the first opportunity and he understands it, we never have the fight again-usually.  For example, coloring on walls-he's never really tried it because when I gave him crayons for the first time I explained they were only for paper.  He's just very obedient and I am surprised by it.  I remember a time at Seven Peaks.  He had about five cousins and friends and they all started running into the wave pool.  All I said was "Noah, come back." He immediately stopped and came back to me while watching all his friends running into the water.  He came back and asked why he couldn't go into the water.  I told him he needed sunscreen on before he gets wet.  Since then, he asks to put sunscreen on before ever getting into a pool.  I know that every parent will brag about their child and their awesome accomplishments, but for the most part I think I just want Noah to stay exactly the way he is.  He literally is the perfect child and I hope as his parent I don't change a thing about him.  He is just nice, and sweet, and sensitive, and kind and doesn't understand when other people aren't.  I just want life to come easy to Noah.  The world doesn't deserve such a sweet and innocent little thing. He is teaching me how to be a good and patient person just by his sweet disposition and spirit.  I'm going to miss having him around all the time.  I really wish I could freeze time with this one.  Anyway, kind of a boring post but I want Noah to know how much I love and appreciate what a good kid he is.  Hopefully little stories like this will remind him. You've made me look like I know what I am doing and you have made it easy and a complete joy to be your parent so thanks.  Glad you came to our little family.
Love you Noah Bear


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