Happy Birthday Noah!!!

Noah turned three this past week and to celebrate we threw a Cars Lightning McQueen party.  I have to say that this was the first year it was worth it to go through a lot of effort on behalf of a kids party because he totally appreciated it.  I felt bad that last year I was on bed rest so this year I tried to do something special for him.  We surprised him that morning with a bunch of balloons trapped in front of his door so when he woke up and opened it they would all come pouring in.  He was speechless for about ten seconds just confused and trying to figure out what was going on but he loved it.  Next we made him three pancakes in the shape of the number three since pancakes are his favorite breakfast.  Then I took him and Drew to the Provo Beach Resort to play around.  Then for dinner we took him out to eat for pizza and then dropped by the toy story and let him choose out his favorite toy.  He had to wait to get the rest of his presents until his party. His real birthday was forecasted for rain and so we moved the party to that Friday and the weather was perfect.  We started out with a piston cup race (which Drew took by a landslide) in four wheelers then had some raceway food at Flo's V8 cafe (like root beer, chips, watermelon and hot dogs complete with j dawg sauce).  Then we played some Cars games which included Tow Mater's towing (fishing over a curtain to pull out their very own car they got to keep), as well as Guido and Luigi's tire stacking game (where I believe Rylee stacked the highest tower of oreos), then we had the bean bag toss into a tire.  I think Noah and Kale were the only real contenders for this one.  And we had Ramone's body shop where the kids got to get some McQueen tattoos (oddly, this was Noah's favorite backyard game) and lastly, the kids got to go to Lizzy's shop and make a license plate with their name and some decals on it.  We also had a rug mat laid out so that they could drive their cars around on it and this seemed to be Drew's favorite game.  Lastly, we did a pull string McQueen piñata stuffed with toys and would you believe it was the very last string the kids pulled?  Then it was time for his McQueen cake and opening presents.  I think everyone knows Noah pretty well because he loved all of his toys (mostly balls and mcqueen stuff).  His favorite?  A tool set from Karyn that he loves to play "carpenter" with.  We ended it with a drive-in outdoor movie where the kids got to watch McQueen projected in our backyard and got goodie boxes complete with popcorn, licorice, and a cars fruit snack. The kids literally started screaming as soon as it came on.  Probably the highlight of the night for them, they had a blast.  In the end, it was worth all the effort.  Honestly, I think Drew was having the best time of anyone which was cute to see.  Happy Birthday Noah.  Next year I hope you want to just go to Trafalga...

Noah at 3:
Favorite food: pizza and chocolate milk
Least favorite food: vegetables (anything green)
Favorite pass time: soccer
Favorite color: blue
Favorite number: 3
Favorite parent: Mom
Best friend: toss up between Drew, Kale and Jackson
Favorite toy: cars, balls
Least favorite thing to do: sleep
Cute words he says:  hydacyle (motorcycle)  pretty much any l is substituted with a s (Bella is asweep)
fwimming (swimming)
Thinks every word  he sees he says: "N-O-A-H  Na Na Noah"
And when gearing up for a race he always says : Get Marks, Get Set, Go

Asks for "huggles" every night when going to sleep

Says he is too tired when he is required to do anything like walk down the stairs  For example, the other day he said "I'm too tired to go to sleep"

Says "You're so nice" "Good job" "You're so cute" "I missed you so much" "Bless you" to me on a daily basis.  Very complimentary!

If I ever do his hair "pokey" he thinks I am taking him to church-probably shows you how little I get him spiffy.

Points to both his cheeks and expects Scott and I to both kiss them at the same time.  This originated from us always fighting over who got all of his kisses until Noah realized we could both kiss him at the same time.

Always asks "What you doing?" if he ever wants to start a conversation.  One time I told him "Nothing" and he said "No, I just want to talk."  This is when I realized he wants to socialize with me, but doesn't now any other question to ask to get a conversation going.

Loves going on walks, jumping on trampolines, hide and seek, soooo sweet to his little sister and still is the best one making her laugh, is an awesome helper around the house (his jobs include changing the laundry from the washer to the dryer, putting away silverware, and cleaning up his toys) and pretty much the most obedient child a mother could ask for.  Noah is very soft spoken and has such a sweet demeanor (if he knows you, otherwise good luck getting him to talk).

We love you Noah.  We have felt so blessed since the day you were born.  We love you so much and hope we're doing right by you.  Can't believe you're already three and getting smarter every day!


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